To renew the call of the Lord Jesus Christ to all His followers, including the church and parachurch groups to obey His word in Matthew 25:35-36 and to help the needy in the world.

To deliver social services and christian social justice to the ever-changing world, based on the unchanging words of Jesus Christ in Matthew 25:35-36.

Among other tenets in the Christian Faith, we also believe in the dignity of the human person, and believe everybody can be a neighbour to anyone.

We take the words of our Lord Jesus Christ and put them to use in practical ways by serving:

With basic essentials for surviving harsh realities of the day (e.g., providing essential kits);

E.g., providing a welcoming kit, and friendly visiting

Who could use a friendly visit

For people in dire straits and who have shown the need to reintegrate into society (e.g. prisoners)

Free and by donation

Counselling Services

At GraceRenewal Ministries, Mental Health Counselling is offered free and by donation. Contact Us to book an appointment.